Crowdfunding is the process of raising money to fund a project or business venture through many donors/investors through an online platform.
The first business crowdfunding community platform in the Philippines managed by Angelpreneur Investments Ltd.

A crowdfunding platform that deals with business ventures to form a borderless Filipino investing community.

We engage in collective investment among members into:
1. profitable
2. stable and
3. legitimate investment opportunities

All Filipinos living in the Philippines and abroad can join PhilCrowd. Age at the time of application should be 18 years old and above.

BabyFund* is intended for the youth ages 18 and below.

Yes! We are a borderless investing community among all Filipinos. Become a PhilCrowd member anytime, anywhere you are in this part of the world.
Gain exclusive access to business projects and investment choices which you can fund directly.

You choose your investments, we manage for you. We made it easier and simpler for you to invest.

Join a community of like-minded people on business and investing.

Earn yearly payouts, depending on business performance.

Monitor your investments online.

1. Avail of our membership fee.
Be a member today.

2. Upload a valid ID.

3. Pay your membership fee for only Php2,500.

5. Create your own investment basket in the InvestMall page.
Invest for as low as Php500.
Shop at InvestMall!

6. Transfer funds via different payment channels.

7. Receive updates via email or by visiting your Investor Dashboard.

Note: Schedule of cooperative orientation seminars and webinars will be announced.

NewFund is the lifetime membership fee. This costs Php2,500.

This NewFund bundle has the following items:
o Exclusive access to businesses and funds
o Access to free financial education learning videos
o Exclusive member perks and discounts!

· NewFund is the lifetime membership fee. Each member who signs up at PhilCrowd pays Php2,500 upon registration

· SuperFund is the investor-to-business package where members can invest for a minimum of 25,000 of their desired business. Members will earn via dividends plus profit-sharing.

· EasyFund is designed for conservative investors at a minimum of Php5,000. This EasyFund is freely invested by PhilCrowd. Every year, if applicable, member receives dividends depending on business performance.

· FlexiFund is a monthly Top Up program for a minimum of Php500. Every year, if applicable, member receives dividends depending on businesses.

· BabyFund is designed for the youth ages 18 and below.

· Watch out for other products, soon!


No additional cost when you make top-ups.

Our businesses will cut through diverse industries such as agriculture, real estate, traditional and franchise businesses, services, utilities and equities.

All members are encouraged to submit potential businesses which can be supported by PhilCrowd.

We are financial literacy advocates, traders, entrepreneurs and angel investors who formed PhilCrowd as a cooperative.

We are in the mission to promote financial education and financial freedom through this entity, PhilCrowd.

All members are expected to accurately fill out the online membership form.

A valid ID must be uploaded to the website.

All members should undergo mandatory PMES.

All users of PhilCrowd platform must read and accept the Terms of Service.

Members are encouraged to join financial education events.

Members are encouraged to patronize cooperative products and services.

There are various ways to transfer funds:

Direct bank deposit / Fund Transfer

Paypal option – Please note that there is a gateway fee charged by Paypal. Note that all members selecting this option have to shoulder the gateway fee.

Credit card / Debit card – Please note that there is a transaction charge set by Visa / Mastercard. Note that all members selecting this option have to shoulder the transaction charges.

Cebuana Lhullier / Western Union / Palawan Express


Smart Padala

All business projects and investment choices will have a projected return.

Returns depend on the profitability of the business or investment.

Projected returns can range from 0% to 100% depending on business or investment performance.

All returns shall be reflected in the Investor Dashboard as profits.

No, returns are not guaranteed.

Despite the fact that returns are not guaranteed, the cooperative as a whole shall strive to bring the portfolio into profitable shape which is mutually beneficial for all.

Members can monitor investments in the Investor Dashboard.

All members will receive updates via email.

All updates will be announced in the website and during cooperative gatherings.

Adult entertainment
Get rich quick schemes
Illegal activities
Non-profit donation drives
Time shares
Weapons and guns
Being a responsible and transparent cooperative, business projects and investment choices undergo rigid selection process with the following measures:

Legitimacy of the business

PhilCrowd assures its members of strong website security.

All sensitive information is transmitted to a private database secured and maintained by PhilCrowd.

It’s free! No platform charges. There are only applicable pre-termination fees since funds have been forwarded to partner enterprises for their use. It is advisable to invest only the amount of money that is not part of your emergency fund. Business projects in PhilCrowd are usually geared towards longterm partnerships.
A minimal system fee may be charged to all members which can be deducted from dividends, subject to PhilCrowd management approval.
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You can book us an appointment at

Check out the Terms and Conditions here. CLICK HERE
Financial Statements will be regularly updated through the platform and you could always monitor your investments through the Investor Dashboard.

Members are expected to attend company seminar for briefing, either online or in person.

Part of the advocacy of PhilCrowd is to teach members on financial literacy, investments and to share tips on how to avoid investing in scams or modus in businesses.

Email us at support@philcrowd.com.

We will be happy to provide you the nitty gritty of PhilCrowd.